Inverted box pleated back

  • Ulster military overcoat



    Ulster military overcoat

    The Enhanced version of the Greatcoat sets out to enhance the key distinguishing features of the coatwhile at the same time staying true to its original design and heritage:
    1. Extra broad collar revere with notched lapels designed to create a full lapel-roll across the chest and a rich drape through the front quarters. Likewise they can easily be folded over when the coat is buttoned up all the way to protect the face under rough weather conditions (This is also known as the Ulster collar)
    2. Patch-and-flap hip pockets on either side
    3. Cuffed sleeves
    4. Inverted box pleated back which runs through and effectively removes the center back seam and which unbuttons through the coat’s skirt to improve mobility
    5. Martingale belted back that runs across box plead which is one of the signature features of this coat type
    6. Made from a heavy high quality felt in 100% wool
    7. Half-lined with piped seams throughout using a highly durable 100% nylon tech fabric
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