The Sneum Western shirt range

The Sneum® western shirt range by , represents the culmination of years of in depth research into the history and into the anatomy of the western shirt, with the goal to identify its key distinguishing design elements. Or put short, what makes the western shirt standout vis-à-vis conventional shirts.  Only by clearly establishing  these key design elements paired with the historical perspective, are we able to re-propose our own contemporary interpretations of this cultural icon.

Consequently the range of shirts have all been done with the scope to accentuate the quintessential design elements of the western shirt such as the signature pointed yokes on the front and on the back, longer tails, duel chest pockets with pointed flaps, pearl-snap closures down the front placket, pearl-snapped cuffs, etc. By doing so we hope to add a stronger impact, edge and renewed contemporary appeal to the western shirt, while at the same time honoring the rich heritage on which they are based.

Steve Weil, Rockmount Ranch Wear Mfg. Co. coined in in the most precise way possible when he wrote: “Pockets in western shirts are like the grill on a car: they define the Western shirt more than any other element”.

That is why the naming of Western shirts most commonly links to the pocket type.

Generically speaking pockets in western shirts can be boiled down to two types; 1) the snapped flap pocket or 2) the smile pocket version. In addition there is the Bib-front shirt which has no pockets.

We have attempted to come up with our own classification based on our research breaking down the western shirt into three overall categories that can be further broken down into subclasses. Although myriads of variations of western shirt style have existed in the course of time, we regard these as the main pillars, meaning that the lion share of the other styles conceptually originates from one of the below generic classifications:

  1. Flap pocket western shirts
    1. Single point pocket western shirts
    2. Sawtooth pocket western shirts
    3. Slant pocket western shirts
  2. Smile pocket western shirts
    1. Plain smile pocket western shirts
    2. Two-tone smile pocket western shirts
  3. Bib front western shirts

Sneum Western shirt range overview

For more in-depth details on each shirt style click the below links:

Western shirt

Why we use Scovill® Gripper®

The Sneum range of western shirts are all made using original Scovill® Gripper® snap buttons. Founded more than 200 years ago in Waterbury, Connecticut. USA,

Scovill® is a pioneer within snap buttons and accredited for being the first to apply snap buttons to western shirts back the mid 1940s in collaboration with Rockmount Ranch Wear Mfg. Co. Their groundbreaking methods has made them into an industry icon synonymous with highest quality, durability and style.

For more than half a century Scovill® has supplied most of the industry legends, such as Rockmount Ranch Wear Mfg. Co., Levis, Wrangler, Lee, etc. with snap button, thus making more than just a snap button but a piece of history.

For this reason we have likewise chosen to use Scovill® snap buttons in our western shirt range.

Scovill gripper snap fastners duo studs

For more in depths knowledge about western shirts and their history we recommend Steve Weil book, Rockmount Ranch Wear Mfg. “Western Shirt:  A Classic American Fashion”.

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