0110303_western shirt w piping_front0110303_western shirt w piping_front

Smile pocket western shirt



With the distinct Smile Pockets slanted with arrow detail, Shotgun cuffs and contrasting piping, this shirts pays homage to the classic true west ranch wear tradition. Special features:
  1. Smile pockets slanted with arrow detail
  2. Five-snap-button Shotgun cuffs
  3. Scovill® round snap buttons
  4. Contrasting piping
  5. Long tails - so that shirts don’t pull loose while on horseback
  6. Edge stitching using fine thread and extra high Stitching Per Inch (SPI)
  7. Tencel® (organic) in a 210GSM twill weave
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The range of shirts have all been done with the scope to accentuate all quintessential design elements of the western shirt such as the signature pointed yokes on the front and on the back, longer tails, duel chest pockets with pointed flaps, pearl-snap closures down the front placket, and at the pearl-snapped cuffs.

All such design elements were conceived for a utilitarian purpose. A lonesome rider out on the range wouldn’t have to worry about carrying needle and thread to replace a button; the flaps on his pockets kept his tobacco tin from bouncing out while he rode; the yokes, with their double fold, made his shirt durable; the tighter fit prevented his shirt from getting caught on saddle horns and barbed wire; and the extra-long tails stayed tucked into jeans.

"done with the scope to accentuate all quintessential design elements of the western shirt"
"Western shirt pockets are like the grill on a car: they define the western shirt as much as any other element, or more"

Steve Weil, Rockmount Ranch Wear Mfg., “Western Shirt:  A Classic American Fashion”    

Named after the iconic “smile” shape pockets, the western dress shirt is often abundantly decorated with contrasting piping and embroideries . Derived from the elaborate Mexican vaquero costumes like the guayabera and the battle shirts worn by many Confederate soldiers, these were worn at rodeos so the cowboy could be easily identifiable.

he single point western shirt

Much of the above text is based on the book by Steve Weil of Rockmount Ranch Wear Mfg., “Western Shirt:  A Classic American Fashion”. We consider this to be the most exhaustive work done on the Western shirt and its history. We highly encourage readers to check out this book should they wish to explore the subject in greater detail.


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