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In order to establish what fit that would work best on your body we suggest you take a garment you already own as a reference. The fit is easier to grasp when you can refer to a garment you are already familiar with and like. Choose the perfect size by using your own reference items as a guide.

We have identified five measures that are key in defining the fit. All are fairly simple to obtain and requires only a tape measure or a ruler.

Make sure you measured your garment flat.

How to measure T-shirt

Measurement chart T-Shirts

Unexpected size variations can result from comparisons of garments that are made of different fabric types. For instance, if one garment is made with stretch fabric and the other isn’t, they’ll look very different next to each other. Remember to use a reference item made with fabric as similar as possible to the garment you’re comparing it to.

If you think that a garment you want to buy is borderline too big or too small, try comparing it against the largest or smallest item you own that fits well.


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