Bolero jacket

  • Bolero jacket

    Bolero western jacket in wool



    Bolero western jacket in wool

    The Bolero jacket tracks its origin back to twelfth-century Spain where cattle herders wore low-crowned hats, bolero jackets, sashes, tight-fitting trousers, and spurred boots. The dress of gauchos and vaqueros may have originated in Spain but new articles of dress were added because of the various environments in which cattle herders performed their work. The Vaqueros of Mexico is considered the most direct ancestor of the American cowboy and in the cultural and technological merge between native tribes, Spanish and Northern European settlers in the North American South West, a new form of dress developed into what is defined present day western wear. The traditional Bolero jacket is short or waist-length due to its horseback heritage and adorned with embroiders and embellishments. The 50 and 60s versions were usually done in Rayon twill, however we opted for 350gsm 100% wool fabric in our “winter” edition. Other features are:
    • Action/bi-swing back to improve mobility
    • Adjustment tabs on the back
    • Pre-shaped tailored sleeves
    • Original Scovill® Gripper® duo studs
    • Broad waistband
    • Piping along front yoke
    • Tailored fit



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